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Ⓒ Mai Ishida

YURAYURA~swinging~ (2018)

(Homage to FUMIDO's signature song "YURAYURA")

Songs vol.2 風味堂「ゆらゆら」.jpg

I could not honestly express my true feelings. Memories of seeing off the backs of loved ones and crossing paths with cherished friends come back to me. I talked only to myself and was wary of having the ability to embrace kindness and love. I spent my days frustrated with my youth and wanting to be skinned. Now that I am at an age where I am beginning to descend the pass of life, I miss and love myself for having such youthfulness.

You only live once. No matter what we do, time flows gently. Like a metronome, it flows continuously and regularly.

YURAYURA" sings for a long time, wavering. Soft groove, sublimating octave technique. It has a charm that makes you want to surrender yourself to the flow of time like a river.

Let it flow today. Until one day I will leave the flow of time.

Aoyama 1-chome (2016)
​YANAKA (2016)
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