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gauge (2020-2021)

In April 2020, a state of emergency was declared due to the spread of a new coronavirus infection.
While on standby at home, I began to want to log the antagonism between mind and body during the disturbing days in the coronavirus disaster.

Surfing the Internet, I learned that knitting has the effect of stimulating the prefrontal cortex (Prefrontal cortex: the highest center of the brain responsible for imagination, communication skills, and memory. It is the highest center of the brain responsible for human thinking and creativity.).


Gauging refers to the process of checking the looseness and tightness of one's knitting by counting the number of stitches in a 10 cm square, and checking the measure of one's own knitting level before drafting.

I thought that I could make myself a person even in the midst of the Corona disaster by knitting a gauge every day,  so I purchased yarn with a special fixed-amount benefit of 100,000 yen, knitted a bar needle gauge a day for a year, photographed it, and block-connected 365 gauge sheets.

(Please turn on the sound to watch)

2022  “gauge (2020-2021)” at  Alt_Medium in Tokyo,  Japan  (Large format print support:Canon Inc.)

■ Gallery report and online talk with Associate Professor of Kyoto University of Arts, Mr. Kunihiko Katsumata

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