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My dear cat, Masao

Ⓒ Mai Ishida

My cat, Masao, who has lived with me since 2011.He looks at me for the camera and licks my face when I lie down after a hard day's work. He has grown up to be a gentle boy who cares about me.

In 2014, I was bedridden at work and had to take a leave of absence for 3 months. I was bedridden at the time, but no matter how sick I was, I had to prepare Masao's meals and bathroom every day. Dragging my heavy body, I had to change water, dish out dry food, and clean the toilet. I just sleep and have a job to do at the same time every day.

This gradually tuned me into myself. 
I gradually became more positive, wanting to do more of what I could do one at a time. Then, while sleeping, I suddenly began to think that I wanted to study photography. The following year, I enrolled in college and began to major in photography.

Cats seem to live by relying on humans, but the reverse is also true. Humans also depend on cats to survive. They are like a harbor from which humans, who have no room in their hearts, can set sail. Unless something happens to him, Masao will rapidly surpass my age. And I am sure I will witness the end of Masao's life. Sometimes I imagine it and feel sad.Cherish the present. I am grateful that Masao let me take responsibility for his life.

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