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■Neko Neko Project story published


ⒸMai Ishida

I was featured on a project website called "Neko Cat Project", I posted a photo of my cat Masao and a short story about my thoughts on cats on the project's webpage".

*Neko Cat Projct.
A project led by writer/critic Sophie Cavaliero.

<Translated excerpt from Sophie's description
Cats have always occupied an important place in Japanese culture.
From Soseki Natsume's "I am a Cat" / Hello Kitty / Maneki Neko / Junichiro Tanizaki's "Cat, Shozo and Two Women" / Studio Ghibli's "The Cat Returns" / Nobuyoshi Araki's cat "Chiro" / Masahisa Fukase's cat "Sasuke", cats are present everywhere.

With the theme of cats, the project will present photographs that express the style and technique of Japanese photographers and their view of the world.


I was reminded once again that cats have the ability to tune us up through their participation in this project.


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