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In a Car Washing Machine

Production Period:2017/2020

I like to tweet words in my head.

I'm happy every day when I can thrill, worry, and operate my sensitivity. I don't want to break up with myself. I want to tweet words in my head forever.

But roast geese don't come flying into the mouth. Apparently I will die without exception someday. Then my words will volatilize like they do not originally exist. Most of my relatives and friends who died suddenly died one day. I don't want to die suddenly. If I die anyway, I want to prepare my heart. One day I went into a car washing machine.

I imagined myself burning and dying automatically in it. Does  my visibility just before death come suddenly? Is it possible to report my feelings in the coffin that is being baked? It wasn't dark in a car washing machine. Lights plugged in. Car washing was finished, and then it pushed my back to go forward.

2020  “In a Car Washing Machine” at NADAR in Tokyo,  Japan  (Large format print support:Canon Inc.)

(Please turn on the sound to watch)

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